About Algonquin Capital

 We bring the advantages of bank trading to the Canadian investor.
Brian D’Costa, President

We are fixed income traders that combine 60 years of market experience, with each of us having managed multi-billion dollar portfolios. We are a diverse group with one important thing in common: the desire to build a client-focused firm that we believe in and can be passionate about.

As former bank traders, our skills and experience are in generating absolute returns and managing risk. Our vision is to take this expertise and offer it to Canadian investors. The advantage in this style of investing is greater flexibility and control. We have the flexibility to adapt to market opportunities and the control to hedge unwanted risk.

Our product, the Algonquin Debt Strategies Fund, provides investors with a thoughtfully designed solution for today’s low interest rate environment. It utilizes fixed income long/short strategies with the ability to generate attractive returns in all interest rate environments. These strategies are managed with a strong emphasis on capital preservation and with the objective of offering investors a tool to diversify their portfolio from both equities and interest rates.

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