Capital Preservation

Our experience has provided us with both a deep respect for and understanding of disciplined risk management.

Limit the Risk

We have created a set of absolute limits designed to ensure our portfolios are both diverse and robust.

  • Minimum 70% investment grade
  • Minimum 60% Canadian and US securities
  • Maximum 15% exposure to a corporate issuer
  • Maximum leverage of 6x (inclusive of both credit and interest rate strategies)
  • Maximum 10% in alternative instruments

Understand the Risk

Risks are clearly quantified on an intra-day basis.

  • Detailed and exhaustive set of risk metrics updated throughout the trading day
  • Profit and loss decomposition calculated daily
  • Portfolio stress tested through over one hundred market scenarios

Manage the Risk

We have developed an innovative and dynamic approach to managing overall portfolio exposures. We combine market indicators with sensitivity analysis to guide our daily risk management decisions. This process offers a disciplined and controlled approach for capital preservation.