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Our Firm

About Algonquin Capital

“We bring the advantages of bank trading to the Canadian investor.”
Brian D’Costa, President

Our purpose.

To help Canadians get better outcomes from their fixed income investments.

Our method.

  • Offering access to the strategies used by large institutions and banks.
  • Sharing knowledge, pertinent information, and insights.
  • Connecting the right people to the right people.

Our values.

  • Hard Work.  Success is a combination of luck, skill, and hard work.  It is through hard work that we develop our skills and create more opportunities to be lucky.
  • Problem Solving.  To thrive we must thoughtfully and creatively solve the problems facing our clients and those encountered in operating and growing our business.
  • Humility.  There is no room for big egos in our firm.  For us, humility means recognizing what you don’t know and the need to be constantly learning and challenging ourselves.
  • Giving.  We recognize our good fortune and seek to help those in particularly difficult and vulnerable predicaments.
  • Fun.  Our philosophy is to work hard and have fun while doing it.  We take our work seriously, ourselves not so much.


Algonquin is an employee and minority-owned firm, a signatory of the CFA DEI code, and an equal opportunity employer.