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Our Edge

The right team, working together, doing what we do best.

What Sets Us Apart?

We Have The Expertise

As former bank traders, our expertise is in generating returns in all market environments. After all, the banks didn’t care if markets were up or down. Our job was to use our skills and the tools available to consistently produce results.

We Are Flexible

The advantage of flexibility is two-fold. It enables us to quickly adapt to changing market conditions and it provides us with access to a broader scope of opportunities.

We Are Highly Motivated

As a partnership, we are all highly motivated and committed to the long term success of the firm. As significant investors in our fund, we are completely aligned with our clients.

We Know the Rules of the Game

Bond markets are opaque and inefficient. We have the insight, experience, and relationships to profit from that.

We Are Disciplined

Through our experience, we understand the value and importance of discipline. It is implemented and upheld through strict risk management.

We Are a Team

We all share a common goal and contribute our expertise within an open collaboration. The result is a synergy of analytical approaches with the insight and knowledge of our combined market experience.