• The Fund

Algonquin Debt Strategies Fund

The Fund in a Nutshell

“We offer diversification through fixed income strategies that can generate strong returns whether interest rates rise, fall, or stay the same.”
Greg Jeffs, Chief Investment Officer

The objective of the Algonquin Debt Strategies Fund is to help investors and portfolio managers overcome the challenges of the low yield environment.

We do so through alternative fixed income strategies with the ability to generate absolute returns in all interest rate and market environments.

The core of our approach is to hedge the interest rate risk in corporate bonds and isolate the credit exposure.  We primarily invest in North American investment grade issuers, using actively managed strategies and disciplined risk management with the following objectives:

Absolute Returns

Target net returns of 6-9% by executing strategies that can perform in various market environment.

Capital Preservation

The Fund places a strong emphasis on capital preservation through disciplined risk management.


Target a low to moderate correlation to traditional fixed income and equities.