• The Fund

Algonquin Debt Strategies Fund

The Fund in a Nutshell

“We offer diversification through fixed income strategies that can generate strong returns whether interest rates rise, fall, or stay the same.”
Greg Jeffs, Chief Investment Officer

The Algonquin Debt Strategies Fund is based on a simple, age-old idea: ‘robbing banks’.  In that, we have taken the strategies we executed for decades in the banks to create a product for Canadian investors.

The fund is designed for people that want more from their fixed income without having to sacrifice quality or transparency.  Our focus is investment grade bonds, where we hedge the interest rate risk and isolate the credit component.

We believe that the credit spreads of strong, large-cap companies offer attractive yields and return potential with the security of high-quality, liquid, and understandable exposures.

For corporate accounts, the combination of our unique structure and strategies also generates tax-efficient business income.

1. Yield without duration through high-quality credit.
Isolate and leverage the credit exposure in corporate bonds.  Thus, earning attractive yields with minimal interest rate risk.

2. Active credit selection.
Target performance and relative value in specific issuers and sectors.

3. Institutional trading strategies.
Leverage our market experience, insights, and relationships to capitalize on inefficiencies within bond markets.

Absolute Returns

Target net returns of 6-9% by executing strategies that can perform in various market environment.

Capital Preservation

The Fund places a strong emphasis on capital preservation through disciplined risk management.


Target a low to moderate correlation to traditional fixed income and equities.