One, Two, Three… | August 2015

“Everyone has a plan until they’ve been hit.”Joe Louis Those that have seen Ronda Rousey fight (she won three UFC title defences in a combined total of 64 seconds) or have witnessed the ferocity in her eyes cannot fathom why anyone would be willing to step into the ring with her. We suspect many investors […]

Out of the Frying Pan, Into the Fire | July 2015

“A good retreat is better than a bad stand.”Irish Proverb To use a very technical term, the markets in July can be best described as ‘poopy’. As the Greek saga disappeared from the radar screen, the market shifted its focus to the ever puzzling Chinese stock market. For the most part, many markets managed to […]

Weather the Storm | June 2015

“The storm starts, when the drops start dropping. When the drops stop dropping then the storm starts stopping.”Dr. Suess The Fund June proved that when it rains, it pours. Investors not only endured heavy rainfall, but also some rather ugly investment returns. The former we will leave to the meteorologists to explain, the latter we […]

Who Broke the Bond Market? | May 7, 2015

Financial headlines are usually the domain of stocks and currencies, but lately it has been the bond markets that are making the news. On April 17th, German 10 year bond yields hit a record low of 5 bps. A mere 20 days later, they touched 75bps. I can’t recall bond yields of any sort ever […]

Firing on all Cylinders | May 2015

“I fear the Greeks, even when they bring gifts.”Virgil The Fund Along with the warmer and longer days that mark the beginning of patio season, May brought with it a host of challenges for investors to grapple with. The prospect of a Fed hike coupled with the volatility in European bond markets and the exasperating […]