Curiouser and Curiouser | March 2016

“It would be so nice if something made sense for a change.” Lewis Carroll – Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland ‘Twas a warm summer’s day in August when equities ventured down a mysterious rabbit hole and into a nonsensical world of uncertainty. Like Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, the journey has been confusing, chaotic and at times […]

Surf’s Up | February 2016

“Waves are not measured in feet or inches, they are measured in increments of fear” Buzzy Trent Warren Buffet famously quipped that ‘only when the tide goes out do you discover who’s been swimming naked’. Given that the markets of late are more like a series of mammoth waves, we thought a surfing analogy was […]

Bloomberg News | January 19, 2016

Meet Four Guys Betting Canada Is Due for Quantitative Easing Ari Altstedter, Bloomberg News View Article

Bloomberg News | January 13, 2016

Shaw’s Canada Wireless Ambitions Start With Calming Edgy Lenders Ari Altstedter, Bloomberg News View Article

Are You a Bad Loser? | January 2016

“I hate to lose more than I like to win.” Larry Bird If you were watching your stock portfolio closely last month, you were reminded of just how much losing hurts. Behavioural economists postulate that the pain from loss is twice the joy of gain. While the magnitude can vary between individuals and situations, it […]