• Investment Thesis


Investment Thesis

Hedging interest rate exposure.

The majority of fixed income volatility is driven by fluctuations in interest rates.

By hedging and managing our portfolio’s sensitivity to movements in rates, we seek to minimize portfolio volatility and offer investors diversification from both equities and interest rates.

Active trading.

The opaque nature of bond markets and new regulations create market inefficiencies.

By leveraging our market experience, insight and relationships, we seek to generate excess returns through active long and short trading in both credit and rates.

Leveraged credit.

Credit markets can offer investors healthy returns relative to volatility and downside risk.

By combining our expertise and experience with extensive research and quantitative analysis, we seek to offer strong risk adjusted returns through selective exposure to corporate credit risk, with the use of modest leverage where appropriate.

Disciplined risk management.

The importance of disciplined risk management can never be overemphasized.

By implementing absolute limits, sophisticated risk management systems and an extensive reporting infrastructure, we seek to limit downside risks and preserve capital.