The Globe and Mail | June 30, 2022

If capitalism were a sprawling family, the bond market would be the character who scrimps today to have enough to survive tomorrow. Read Here

In Preparation For Landing | May 2022

“Flying a plane is no different than riding a bicycle, just a lot harder to put baseball cards in the spokes.” Captain Rex Kramer – Airplane When descending from high altitudes there are three ways we can land: soft, hard, or crash.  This applies in both aviation and economics. Now that central banks are attempting […]

Has The Sky Stopped Falling? | April 2022

“The sky is falling.  No, I’m tipping over backwards.” Steven Wright At several points over the past 18 months, we were accused of being ‘Chicken Little’ with our warnings of rising yields.  People looked at us funny when we said the central banks had a clear path to raise overnight rates to 1.5-2%.  Our sanity […]

Another Brick In The Wall | March 2022

“I had a horrible nightmare. I dreamed that I went…back in time. It was terrible.” Marty McFly Over the past two years, investors have dealt with a constant string of ‘new normals.’  At every turn, there are new changes, new uncertainties, and new unknowns to contend with.  While some of these developments are transitory (or […]

Walk The Talk | February 2022

“Saying is a different thing from doing.” Michel de Montaigne First and foremost, our thoughts and sympathies are with the people of Ukraine and their families and friends across the world.  We hope for a quick and peaceful resolution to this horrifying situation. Our parents taught us that actions speak louder than words.  That ultimately, […]