• Raj Tandon


Raj Tandon

M.A. Pure Mathematics, Columbia University

BSc. Philosophy and Mathematics, London School of Economics

In his previous lives, Raj studied mathematics, traded credit derivatives, and volunteered for numerous charitable organizations. As a structured credit trader for TD Securities London, he managed and traded multi-billion dollar portfolios across North American and international markets. In this capacity, he managed a variety of complex risks, including profitably trading the bank’s CDO portfolios through the tumultuous markets of 2008.

Outside of work, Raj is passionate about dancing, kayaking, and community service. He is currently a Volunteer Crisis Counsellor for Victim Services Toronto, and in 2022 received the Toronto Police Services’ VST Volunteer of the Year Award. Raj also serves as the Chair of the board for Unity, Canada’s largest hip-hop charity. Prior to founding Algonquin, Raj spent 18 months volunteering in South America, and whilst in London was awarded Get Connected’s 2009 Volunteer of the Year Award for his service on a children’s helpline.

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